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The following are examples of questions we are commonly asked by our new and continuing clients. We hope you find these responses helpful to your therapy process. If you have any suggestions for this page, please speak with our reception team.

Our therapists are very flexible and work to suit your needs and unique situation. Many of our clients continue to prefer using Telehealth (e.g. Zoom meetings) for scheduled appointments as couples/partners can join remotely, there is less disruption due to transport/parking arrangements and it is often more convenient to remain at home.

If you are using Telehealth:
(a) Ensure you let our reception team know;
(b) Your therapist (not our reception team) will send a Zoom meeting link to the email address on our system prior to your meeting; and
(c) Our reception team will contact you on the day of your appointment to arrange payment over the phone (usually via your preferred credit card).

In some instances, our clinicians serve a broad population of clients across the greater Brisbane area. Therefore, they may only work certain days from our clinic. These arrangements can make it difficult to place clients in the shorter term, due to working days and existing client appointments. Our reception team will do everything possible to help you arrange an appointment with your therapist at your earliest convenience. If there are extensive waitlists for some clinicians, we may suggest alternative therapists who will be available to meet with you.

Depending on whether you are attending individual or relationship/family therapy you may have up to two questionnaires to complete online. These questionnaires are used to help your therapist determine the best way forward to support your needs. The answers to your survey questions are anonymously stored – you name is not attached to the survey results. Therefore, we recommend you answer the questions honestly, based on the timeframes suggested in the cues (e.g. Over the past week, have you felt …) and your immediate reflections on the question topics.

Please complete these surveys in a timely manner, to ensure your therapist has sufficient time to review your responses prior to your initial consultation. If you have any technical issues completing our questionnaires, please contact our reception team.

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