Emotionally Focused Therapy and Training Australia

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All clinicians and staff at EFTTA hold themselves to the high standard of ethics and confidentiality expected of psychologists, psychotherapists and medical receptionists. We hold in strict confidence all that is disclosed during sessions, with the necessary exception of situations in which the well- being of a vulnerable person (such as a child, intellectually impaired adult, or partner experiencing threat of or actual violence) is deemed to be at risk.

This also means all files are kept in secure and locked locations, all electronic records (such as bookings) are password protected and only accessed by essential staff. Clinicians will not discuss you or your records with any third party without your written consent.

Ethically, all staff at EFTTA operate in your best interest. This means providing the best practice intervention for your needs and discussing any concerns as they arise.

While EFT is our predominant therapeutic approach, other evidence-based therapies may be offered for specific clinical presentations where assessment indicates an alternative intervention is “best practice”. Liaison with referring doctors is an important aspect of our professional practice.

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