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Mental health professionals interested in becoming recognised as EFT Certified Therapists are required to complete a series of courses and training programs, known as the “Road to Certification” (ICEEFT website).  This page provides a general overview of the courses offered by Dr Jenny Fitzgerald, to help therapists achieve EFT Certification.

The International Centre for Excellence in EFT (ICEEFT) has undertaken a review of training and certification internationally, with 2024 and 2025 being years of transition to the new system.

The EFT Externship will continue as a four-day foundation training for EFT for Couples. In Australia, we will adopt the new ICEEFT plan for EFT Core Skills, starting early 2024. Basic Core Skills will be the new term for the workshop, which will be four days (24 hours of learning) and will NOT include any case presentations. It will address all the key interventions to help couples move from distress to a more secure relationship. Trainers are encouraged to offer other workshops on special topics. 

The details for achieving Certification as an ICEEFT Therapist is also under revision. More details on Certification will be available soon, however it will include completion of the Externship and Basic Core Skills, along with a minimum eight hours of supervision with a Certified EFT Supervisor. Four of those eight hours can be in group (with a Certified EFT Supervisor).

Emotionally Focused Therapy and Training Australia is affiliated with ICEEFT (The International Centre for Excellence in EFT, Ottawa, Canada). Through ICEEFT, Dr Jenny Fitgerald is internationally recognised as Australia’s first Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor.

1. Externship in EFT

An ICEEFT-endorsed EFT Externship is the introductory 4-day training and the first step towards certification.

2. Basic Core Skills

Basic Core Skills is a four-day workshop which builds upon the Externship to strengthen clinical competence using EFT.

3. Supervision

Your ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor will guide you through the final steps and requirements for ICEEFT Certification.

Step 1. Externship in EFT

This workshop starts with a summary of attachment and emotion theories, including how relationship distress is conceptualised from an attachment theoretical perspective. The three- stage, nine-step model of EFT as developed by Susan Johnson and Leslie Greenberg is presented, along with description (didactic teaching), example (training DVDs) and practice (role play, exercises) of each of the EFT interventions used to apply the model.

Applying the EFT model to couples with trauma and/or attachment injuries is also included in the fourth day. The three change events, as identified by EFT process research, are explained in detail. 

EFT for Couples meet all APA requirements for empirical validation and this information is included in the workshop. A live consultation with a couple from the community is included wherever possible.

Step 2. Basic Core Skills

Basic Core Skills is offered in Australia over four days. Training is limited to 16 participants and the focus is on strengthening clinical competence in all the EFT interventions. This workshop addresses all the key interventions to help couples move from distress to a more secure relationship.

Pre-requisites: The Externship in EFT is a pre-requisite for Basic Core Skills.

Basic Core Skills now replaces Core Skills A and B – Pro rata pricing available
Basic Core Skills is the new 2024 ICEEFT Core Skills program, which spans four days in total. Therapists who have undertaken “Core Skills A” (prior to 2024) only need to attend Days 3 and 4 of the 2024 Basic Core Skills workshop. EFTTA is pleased to offer special pro rata pricing to colleagues who wish to complete their Basic Core Skills training under these new arrangements (at 50% of total registration fee). Refer to the registration information in our Basic Core Skills training event listings.

Step 3. Clinical EFT Supervision

Supervision facilitates the therapist’s integration of the stages and steps of EFT and moves of the EFT Tango, with the goal that the therapist can master the necessary EFT interventions and skills that ultimately promote the creation of secure attachment.

Supervision includes:

  • 8 hours of case consultation with a Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor, or Supervisor-in-training.
  • Preparing and submitting written materials, references, proof of qualifications, and completed training and supervision prerequisites.
  • Two video excerpts, showcasing the therapist’s mastery of the EFT model in Stage 1 and 2.
Your Supervisor will support and guide you through the final steps of EFT Certification. 
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