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Supervision is encouraged in EFT and clinicians are welcome to contact any certified supervisors listed on the ICEEFT website. Supervision in Australia is available in small groups for 6-week blocks or individually for as long as needed.

Supervisors support clinicians in conceptualising their couples’ distress through an attachment lens and strengthening knowledge and confidence in using interventions that help reduce distress and build a more secure emotional bond. EFT supervisors can help clinicians most effectively if they can review clips of their clinical work. They can also assist clinicians in talking with clients to gain permission to record for the purpose of supervision or application for certification.

EFT Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training

Dr Jenny Fitzgerald

Dr Jenny Fitzgerald (QLD)

Rowan Burckhardt (NSW)

Dr Thomas Dellmann (VIC)

Dr Katie Kjelsaas

Dr Katie Kjelsaas (QLD)

Linda Murrow (VIC)

Dr Mandy Peyton (NSW)

Dr Clare Rosoman QLD)

Dr Cassandra Shields (QLD)

Dr Regina Ho (VIC)

Janine Moran (ACT)

Dr Karen Johnson (VIC)

Dr Alyssa Ryan (QLD)

Sarah Skellern (QLD)

Dr Jenni Wilson

Dr Jenni Wilson (QLD)

Please note: On our website, the words “supervisor” and “supervision” are used expressly for the purpose of training in the EFT model, and do not imply / constitute any ethical / legal responsibility for cases discussed. For all intents and purposes, a Certified EFT Supervisor is an EFT consultant. All therapists receiving such supervision / consultation are wholly responsible for the therapy they provide and they are also responsible for receiving appropriate supervision, as required, by their respective governing and/or licensing authorities.
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