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    New Clients - Appointment Request

    Emotionally Focused Therapy and Training Australia is a private psychology and psychotherapy practice.

    Are you enquiring about couples/relationships therapy?

    If you are enquiring about couples/relationship therapy, please include details for Client 2 below. Please note: If you include Client 2 information we will reply to BOTH of you with appointment availability and further information. If your enquiry is for individual therapy, please skip the Client 2 section.

    Therapy requested:

    Appointment mode:

    Preferred therapist:

    Reason for appointment request (please tick all that may apply):
    AddictionsADHD/ASDAdjustment disordersAnxietyDepressionGrief & BereavementLGBTQIA+Life transitionsParenting issuesRelationship distressTrauma/PTSDSeparation / DivorceSexual issuesStressOther/Rather not say


    • Mental Health Treatment Plans can only be used for Individual Therapy with a Psychologist.

    • If using Private Health for Individual, Couples/Relationship or Family Therapy please check with your provider for eligibility. If booking with a Psychotherapist, please refer to their profile page for applicable Private Health Fund providers.

    • EFTTA does not provide services for Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), we provide Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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