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Therapy is a very personalised process. Generally, individuals seek therapy when there is an area of their life that is causing them distress that they are unable to resolve with the current skills and support they have.

The first part of therapy is finding a therapist with whom you can develop a good rapport. Once you have met someone you feel comfortable with, your therapist will conduct an intake interview to understand your current problems, your goals, and some history around the topic.

From there, a treatment plan is developed. For some individuals, this may be a specific issue (such as a phobia of flying or a stressful life event) that is resolved in approximately 10-15 sessions. For others, the situation may be much more complex, such as unresolved trauma, recent bereavement or complex relationship difficulties, which may require much longer treatment.

To provide the greatest access to clients, clinicians at EFFTA provide sessions face-to-face (at the Spring Hill office), online via telehealth (using a secure and encrypted platform), or via telephone.

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